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A word to describe an autistic person's actions of random laughing and movement.
"Look at that boy gigglehoppering around!"
by SoS Nerdy October 08, 2017

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Someone with over 46 chromosomes. And is very autistic.
Guy : LOL, you're so autistic you're such a Clarke.
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by RobloxianDefiner February 15, 2019

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A word describing someone's action when it's too stupid and unnecessary and autistic. Can be used to call one autistic
My man just pulled a stacpoole
Johnny pulled a stacpoole when he slid down the stairs
by Johnny S. February 05, 2019

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When one person hits you for no reason and acts gay and
a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communication.
E.g. Adam Bayati firas is autismic
by 9_KAM October 05, 2018

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"Hi i eat cock cos im lohjicke"
by diecow May 23, 2018

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An autistic korean that loves to play support role in League of Legends. He loves feeding and trolling in most of the games. He is a masochist that loves getting hit all day long. This is not the only thing there is to "dennytale". It is said in the bible that anyone who touches or even talk to him will get some type of brain cancer or disability. Recommended to never talk to this type of people. He is also into multiple hentais and loves playing osu.
> Is he dennytale? Cause my friend just got autism from talking to him
by Akkoisapicture May 17, 2017

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Like seasonal autism. When you are around certain groups of people and you all start acting stupid. Some people just cause you to act autistic.
Whenever I start talking to people in video games, I start acting Autumnistic
by TheComingSilence February 15, 2018

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