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Austin is the sweetest boy/man out there. Once have him in your life, you better your best to keep him there or you’ll regret. Austin can be very shy yet opening. He is pure and would never hurt anyone, neither physically or emotionally. Austin is the best guy in the world and losing him could leave you feeling broken. Never push Austin away, open up to him with open arms, and never let go because this man is the best thing that will ever happen to you.
1: Who is that guy over there
2: Oh you mean Austin? He’s a girls dream: he kind, cute, funny, smart, and every other good feature you can think of
1: Wow
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by RandomDOBgif June 20, 2018

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Crinklaw is the strangest person you will ever meet. He is shy at first and only plays video games. But you realize he is smart and funny and a great friend. He people to make jokes at his expense and is very humble. He will be your friend through thick and thin.
"Crinklaw is a great guy."
"Yeah I know, he boosted me to diamond in LoL."
by kilmyself May 09, 2018

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