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Suada Mustafic was being beyond petty after I didn't want to go to rite aid with her .
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by Beyondpettybrother July 30, 2017

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you're such a donkeyhole
what does that mean?
it means asshole you idiot
but pg
by alexa leiva June 12, 2018

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A pathetic man child who is the most obnoxious and loud person you will ever have the displeasure of meeting. Brandon’s friends are equally as obnoxious and act out for attention.
Brandon Jefferies isn’t funny
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by God Diction June 13, 2018

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“colby” is a name used fo people who are ginormous ass holes. they will most likely cheat on you and break your heart. don’t be a colby and don’t date one either.
Person A- I just broke up with colby.
Person B- I’m so sorry. Why?
Person A- He cheated on me :(
Person B- Told you so.
by doraborabitch June 03, 2018

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Set of rules consisting of behavioural attributes that basically turn you into Robotic Corporate Asshole.
Ethics means Wearing a Three-piece suit to office, even though it's 105° outside.
by Indeepshit October 23, 2017

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Ryan is a name for someone that makes fun of others even though they did nothing wrong to him. It is also used when describing a whiny little bitch who always rages at little things. Sometimes, the name Ryan can stand for someone who is short and a very horrible person.
That guy was acting like a total Ryan.
by Fïëńd August 15, 2017

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An ass-kissing brown noser with blonde hair who gets others in trouble for things they did.
"Dina was such a Caroline in class today"
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by #IQ134 May 20, 2017

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