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a person whos name gets dragged through the mud because of Miley Cyrus. AND A PERSON WHOS KINDA PISSED ABOUT IT
*goes on urban dictionary and searches for name*
urban dictionary; Miley is a snobby asshat
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by marie.issa.mf.hot.cheeto September 01, 2018

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An unknown species of hat that is also a name for someone
Yo Jimmy over there be fuckin with that ass hat
by Ghettostepmom October 24, 2018

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Asshat |Noun| One who has their head in their ass, thus wearing it as a hat. Asshat.
"Can you get your head to of your ass? It's not a hat."

Meaning their ass is jealous of all the shit they talk.

Asshat |Noun| One who has their head in their ass, thus wearing it as a hat. Asshat.
by Madz Tv February 20, 2017

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The guy who talks the most shit, but can't take anything. A massive pussy. Would kick the shit out of on site if you find one.
Jenny: Bialko talks so much shit, but when I called him fat he cried like a fucking baby
by Kennett Football Team April 28, 2017

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1. disgusting hair skinny boy who will steal your clout goggles. do not trust. choke on a dick and die
2. small brain
"Crap, I just got a DUI and killed a whole immigrant family"
"nice going Philippe."
by bigwienerdog November 06, 2018

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A close cousin of the assclown, typically identified by a jovial expression and an outward misunderstanding of how he/she is perceived, combined with a generally misguided conception of what is socially acceptable amongst his/her peers.

Said persons' frequent attempts at humor usually lead to him/her making an ass out of his/herself. (Not to be confused with asshole.)
"Quit throwing pennies at that homeless man, you asshat."

"Hey asshat, thanks for double parking."
by D_Vitch October 24, 2017

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an ass that can tear you down just as muc as he can biuld you up
wow hes a dick he must ba rickey
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by falling in reverse trash October 03, 2017

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