#ass wipe

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a sweet guy at first but as time goes on you actually wanna fucking kill him because he's the biggest asswipe ever
don't get to close that Coleman kid will break your heart
by Mike wasoutski February 06, 2019

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He's not a real fucking scientist. He's a D-List celebrity that was brought back into the media because 90's babies craved the nostalgia. If you believe any of the shit that spews out of his mouth... then congrats! you have been bamboozled into believing the political propaganda hes's been lazily shitting out on his new Netflix show. If you loved what he had to say in his old show you watched educationally in elementary school, then say no more fam! Actually, FORGET EVERYTHING he said before!! Go ahead and take everything he taught you before, and fuck it raw! Because now, he's back and worse off than ever! No real science! Just opinion, and terrible acting! What he's the best at! And if that begins to bore you, because he's not as funny as he thinks he is, why don't you pull up a video of him arguing even more childish than Donald Trump with REAL scientist and meteorologists! Listen to him as he shouts, "WRONG. WRONG. YOU'RE WRONG" to people who have devoted their entire lives to researching, and studying real facts! The ones that explore real issues and new scientific theories, because, uh, Bill....we found out there are only two genders like....................well forever ago! Who else but Bill that created himself a stage name and a character and still portrays it. Because we all know who has stage names!!! Musicians, performers and actors!! Good job Bill........
Bill Nye The Science Guy is a fucking Cuck
by haytherefriend March 05, 2018

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