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Your ass is huge.
"Damn girl you are blessed from behind"
by Bigbootygame100 August 14, 2017

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A Rebecca is normally smart and nice. She sticks to her word and never lets her friends down. She chooses her friends carefully and always repeats "I love you" to the same people. They repeat that or something as meaningful as that because they feel as is they don't say it, nobody will know it. They have a lot of self doubt so you must always remind them and show them how good they are at the skill. She has a few super close friends and the rest are just good friends. She has few enemies, keeps her allies close. She is a sporty girl normally and is very competitive at certain things. She likes the world when happy and tries to make everyone happy. She is very pretty but doubt every time someone tells her. If you know a Rebecca you must always treasure her.
Damn, she is such a Rebecca.
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by Elizabeth Callum January 21, 2017

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eat my ass
sharek eat josh sanners ass
by cal eee April 20, 2018

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An asshole that is an actual pedofile who brags about all the "great" stuff they do and makes fun of anyone who does anything different
Yo f**k Max, that dude is an a**hole
by Oofsanity December 15, 2017

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when you put your hand in your female's pants in order to keep your hand warm in cold weather.
Hey bitch, come back here with that ass-warmer, I'm freezing!
by yungmathhoe November 15, 2017

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A big sexy man that has a big dick that likes to fuck.
oh my bubushka hurts baby
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by stupidbitchasshoe April 16, 2019

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A raenette is a sexy tall woman who is good at sex and is into some kinky ass shit.
Wow, this raenette I talked to is hella freaky.
by Sry_nt_Sry June 10, 2017

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