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A title given to non Asian people who are closely associated with an Asian person through marriage, adoption, etc. Being Asian by AssociAsian allows you to make offensive jokes about Asians and be offended by offensive jokes about Asians.
1.) My brother is adopted from South Korea, so I am Asian by AssociAsian.
2.) It's not racist, I'm Asian by AssociAsian.
by tsi mondays December 18, 2016

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The asian way to say Ethan.
"Etan, Iz time for deh dinner. We habben da wice with de noodells."
by VD13 February 25, 2018

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The most white farmer Asian that you will ever meet
Damn, Kameda was ripping it on the farm today
by Bamz10 January 01, 2018

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A non white human being that posseses significant asian qualitys. This includes having set study time, eating rice twice a day, being good at math (Extreme) and being mad at a 99% grade point average. note white people can have this rule applyed to them if they truly posses these qualitys.
Did you hear that was Dan studying for 3 hours?
Yeah, he is a true asian.
by Nvt2126 November 16, 2018

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Gookfest . Noun,

A large amount of Asians in one place.
Wow, middle school was such a gookfest!
by Cocksneeze Mcjiggletaint May 31, 2018

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Skinny Asian Kid that plays Minecraft and will always be a Virgin.
LMAO Don't be an Anson
by Elektrified May 03, 2018

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A boy that even though can be mean at certain times, has good intentions. He usually is into basketball and has cheap Asian parents that refuse to buy him more than one pair of sneakers per year. He is often funny and makes dirty jokes. He doesn't judge you by looks but, by your brains and by how smart, and funny you are. Sittha, is usually Asian but if you aren't, that's ok!
Person One: That Sittha is really smart and good at basketball.
by Yushuvayev December 07, 2017

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