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The anus. The oring. The bung hole. The balloon knot. The lid to the fart box.
I was tongue punching her brown button last night.

Her brown button was ripe and musky.

I’m sorry babe. It was dark. I couldn’t see. I swear I didn’t intend to poke your brown button.
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by Tugg N. Harder October 30, 2018

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a planet that is named after your anus
by ThornShadow88 January 05, 2018

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Where you Slap someones anus the other person says CLAIM MY ANUS
man:you like huh *spanks da booty*
girl:uhhh ohh yea CLAIM MY ANUS
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by GamingPlus August 23, 2016

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I’ll be right back. Gotta clear the gravy drain.

Gravy drain is backed up today.

Somone was in the stall just pouring out their gravy drain.

I like to finger my gravy drain.

My girl tickles my prostate through my gravy drain.

I had anal last night. The gravy drain is sore today.
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by Tugg N. Harder April 20, 2018

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When you are doing the butter churn and the guy slaps the girl with his dick, leaving a welt on her for chead.
I did the red hill to my girlfriend and she was mad
by Welwyn dish November 15, 2017

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Rotten smelling anus.
Dude go wash your fucking ranus.

She had a ranus after her workout.
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by Tugg N. Harder June 04, 2018

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Reference to the anus. The rectum. The back pussy.
I slipped out when strokin from behind and it popped in her hind gash. So I just kept going.

She finally gave up the hind gash.
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by Tugg N. Harder June 03, 2018

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