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A girl with an amazing personality. Usually goes by a nickname like Alex, Alexa, or an initial name (first letter of first and middle name. Ex.- A.J.) Has beautiful hair, wears bracelets and rings. Popular but only likes to hang out with people she knows well. Isn’t bitchy unless she’s mad. Will beat the hell out of someone for her friends. Has piercings but not because she’s preppy. Usually Atheletic and Tomboyish. Has a lot of guy friends and only sees them as friends. She’s very intelligent but is still fun as fuck. She’s the perfect girl.
Guy 1- How the hell is A.J. so fast?!

Guy 2- How does her hair stay like that when she’s been running for 30 minutes straight?!

Guy 3- She got a fucking A+ on that hard ass test too.

Guy 4- She’s definitely an Alexandria.
by HelpMePleaseu February 09, 2019

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The word used when one does not know how to spell "anonymous".
oH nO i JuSt GoT hAcKeD bY aN aNoMuNiS hAcKeR!
by ばか April 27, 2019

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Airha’s are the best people you could meet always giving you advice on boys and is ALL about boys also can be a bitch sometimes but can give you good advice on boys and can keep some secrets but always tells one of her best friends. She’s an open person and will do whatever you tell her to do which is really fun.
Airha’s the best
by Airha’s bestie March 21, 2019

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This type of people is rather a rare species. You'll never know what he is actually. Yet these type of people are so genius, caring and kind. Sometimes can be the cruelest. Watch out don't make he lost his temper or you'll die.
Wow you are like Hafriz.
by Indominamous April 22, 2018

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not anonymous
the public survey will be nononymous
by doublerb November 08, 2017

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A anonymous account on YouTube, Twitter and Discord
Have you seen that anonymous account Schnizel Heinz? He's on social media's but no one knows who he is
by Random_soviet_guy June 10, 2019

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An overall great person, modest and beautiful. Very smart and has a great sense of humor. An overall BAD ASS. But can be cocky some times. They can be very loud most of the time, and some people might say she’s popular. When she doesn’t like to say that about herself
Me: wow she’s really funny and loud.
Friend:yup she’s a Lula
by Waffle-bot February 23, 2019

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