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A mysterious attractive gentleman who is often very quiet, but when talking to him, has a bold manly voice. It would be really surprising to see him laugh because it happens so rarely. Despite his low social file, he is nor a negative or a positive person. He is also a very intelligent person and is more focused on his education than himself. Also very athletic.
Wow, did you see Micah's test grade, he scored a 98% out of 100%. Not only he's hot, mysterious, chill, and athletic, but he has a smart head over his shoulders.
by Hailey Jackson October 24, 2017

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not anonymous
the public survey will be nononymous
by doublerb November 08, 2017

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This type of people is rather a rare species. You'll never know what he is actually. Yet these type of people are so genius, caring and kind. Sometimes can be the cruelest. Watch out don't make he lost his temper or you'll die.
Wow you are like Hafriz.
by Indominamous April 22, 2018

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