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A syndrome used to describe someone who keep talking no matter what you say even if no one is paying attention.
Person One: Man I love ____
Person Two: Cool I dont care
Person One: Man ____ is so great
Person Two: Dude I think you have L Syndrome
by Cloorox November 13, 2018

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most annoying person in existence
dude: god, tyler is so annoying
dude 2: god i know right
by meiosis March 08, 2019

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Jippus is another word for annoying.
Oh! Your so jippus!
by jaydanlovesjesus March 02, 2018

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She’s an annoying ass little hoe who needs to learn personal hygiene. She’s always complaining saying that it smells but it’s her
“What’s that awful smell?”

“It’s Aleah”
“Ewwww, that’s so gross”
by Anonymous #2829 February 14, 2019

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An annoying brat who only talks about herself. She wants a lot of attention and she try’s to be the center of attention. The people she thinks she’s best friends with do NOT like her at all and they don’t want to hurt her feelings but she gets on their nerves all the time. Watch out for her cause she will jump from guy to guy even if she doesn’t like them.
Is Peyton the one who craves attention?
by Uhhhoof May 17, 2018

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An annoying brat who just won't shut up 🤐

A person who doesn't listen to anything you say.
UGG did you meet that one guy

Yeah he is such an aiden
by Happy 😊 Rainbows 🌈 January 29, 2017

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Yeirk is a annoying kid who is always with girls and always wants attention and is mostly gay that why he is always with girls. He can never be alone. No matter where he is he tries to get as much attention as possible. He will get on your nerves often but he can sometimes be chill.
Man: you know that guy is nice and chill but he is most likely gay
Girl: he is a yeirkp
by Gxyghuh December 20, 2017

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