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hes orange and is annoying
person one- LOD HELP US ALLL JOSH lashapel IS HERE !!!!!!

person2- aahhhhhhh runn!!!!
by eh papa December 17, 2018

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A syndrome used to describe someone who keep talking no matter what you say even if no one is paying attention.
Person One: Man I love ____
Person Two: Cool I dont care
Person One: Man ____ is so great
Person Two: Dude I think you have L Syndrome
by Cloorox November 13, 2018

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most annoying person in existence
dude: god, tyler is so annoying
dude 2: god i know right
by meiosis March 08, 2019

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Jippus is another word for annoying.
Oh! Your so jippus!
by jaydanlovesjesus March 02, 2018

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Did You See How Annoying He Was Today??
by SaladMan1302 September 23, 2017

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An annoying brat who just won't shut up 🤐

A person who doesn't listen to anything you say.
UGG did you meet that one guy

Yeah he is such an aiden
by Happy 😊 Rainbows 🌈 January 29, 2017

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when someone uses the same annoying word in the defenition
Oops, did I accidentally use annoying in its own definition? Sorry not sorry.
by IKNOU March 18, 2019

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