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A 'best girl' is a female character in an anime or video game series that is subjectively chosen to be the 'best.' The term 'best girl' is used by fans to express their opinion on their favorite character being superior to others based on individual traits they may possess, as well as their abilities.
'Who was the best girl in the series?'
'Well I'm not sure but I think it's definitely X.'
'No, Y was better. She was more mature and got along better with the main character.'
by Johnny sensei July 05, 2016

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The action of assaulting another individual through means of pictures of anime, hentai, yaoi, yuri, etc.
Help I'm being animesaulted
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by Yuri Senpai January 17, 2019

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An anime show about a human girl with no memories who wakes up in a mysterious park inhabited only by cute animal girls (known as friends).
Kemono Friends is such a wholesome show
or is it?
by fixfox July 01, 2018

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A hot mentally insane woman from an anime named 'Happy Sugar Life' , she has pink hair, red eyes and a nice figure with medium sized titties
1: Damn this bitch hot! What anime is she from?

2: She's Satou Matsuzaka from Happy Sugar Life
by Khrystophe October 07, 2018

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A refined individual who has realised that by watching dubbed anime they can multi-task and better realise the emotions of the characters.
Truely, dub monkeys are the truest of anime fans
by Liam Says March 09, 2019

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otaku in training is where you are an anime fan but not a legit one.
idiot #1: "i'm an otaku in training!"
idiot #2: "who gives a shit?"
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by ReynplDaBest March 14, 2019

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When someone slips on ice, and either does a cool pose when slipping, or strikes a pose when they land. Someone can pose mid-slip and pose when they land within a single slip.
"dude, that guy did an Anime Ice Slip! His landing was the best part!"
by YourRealFoot February 09, 2019

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