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Anything animated. Be it american, french, british, irish, chinese, or japenese. Also, japenese cartoons don't have to be called anime, since the japenese call all animation anime. Cartoons can be any genre, but they are most often comedies.
Spongebob, Pokémon: The Series, Teen Titans, and Chowder are prime examples of cartoons.
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by MrMrMemeyGuy September 17, 2017

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A japenese word that translates to animation. Contrary to popular belief, all cartoons are anime, as anime translates to animation.
Weeb: I just watched some anime today!
Japenese person: from what country?
Weeb: Duh, japan!
Japenese person: you do know all animation is anime, right?
by MrMrMemeyGuy September 17, 2017

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An art form that is used to make cartoons. It can be anything that involves lots of drawings in so many frames per second. Usually is draw in 2-D, and 3-D animation. It is used to tell a story with moving pictures.
"Have you seen the new episode of (insert animated show here)? It seems that their animation has gotten better!"
by Flynn The Flyer June 17, 2018

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