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Appears to be an inanimate object to the common passerby, but is actually a child's best friend.
Stuffed animals look much cuter than real animals.
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by Trisha1 December 16, 2017

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A type of flat fish (Related to sharks) that lives at the bottom of the water , Sting rays have a Barb (A needle like tail) that when stabbed with, ejects electricity for a defenw
Whoah!! Sting Rays Are Cool Animals Look At Them Jump Out Of the Water
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by WildlifeZoologist August 20, 2016

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Nickname for a ferret.
What a cute little ferbert!
by arukare August 30, 2017

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a super cool hype beast. that likes to flex. and f*** b*****
Gage Welch is hella cool like my daddy.
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by 333xan333 October 19, 2018

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