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Neck Level Angry is a term common in Holland and in particular in some of the older duchy's. The term is used to refer to someone who is extremely angry or irritated to the extent of becoming violent. The term is thought to have originated in the Dutch African colonies in the mid 1800s and is commonly believed to refer to South African giraffes who have extremely sensitive necks and can become enraged when their necks are touched.
Did you see Claude the Wind Mill owner? He was neck level angry about not getting his cheese delivery!
by Von Green August 11, 2017

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Callum Gray is a name for somebody who is simple minded and who get angry extremely fast. He also doesn't think before he acts and says whatever is on his mind.
Person A - *Pushes somebody over for no reason *

Person B - "Oi, stop doing that. Your turning into a Callum Gray!"
by xX_Anonymous_Xx87 March 05, 2017

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