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Someone who brings miracles sent from god
God sent an angel to bless the community
by Corettaa March 15, 2017

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Aliyah is a girl that is not one of those typical, bitchy girls. She is one of a kind. She has one of the cutest voices you will ever hear. She can literally turn your world upside down with her beautiful eyes. She has the hair that touches her soft skin. But the best thing about her... her smile. Her smile is one of those addictive things that makes you feel ecstatic and keep coming back for more. Just one smile can cheer you up. You will wish you are the reason of that smile. You will do everything you can just to see a glimpse of her beautiful smile. And when you can't see her. You will feel unmotivated to carry on with your day. She has a face that looks pretty no matter what mood. Except if you see tears stream down her cheeks. You will feel like comforting her. Wipe those tears away gently, feeling her soft skin against your fingers. You will fall in love with this girl. No question. Everything about her makes you feel like she is an angel from heaven. And you will pray she becomes your angel and lightens your life up. Without her, all you will feel is darkness. If you do get her... Man, you are the luckiest guy in the world.
"Why are you so happy today?"
"I just saw Aliyah"
"Damn, no question"
by You already know who i am April 20, 2018

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Angel from another dimension. Has had very many lives. Volunteered to come down to planet earth. Earth angel. Intelligent. Creative and artistic soul. Passionate.

Cutie with a big bootie.
Shortie with curves.

Thank you Breshay for coming down to earth!
by Smileyfacesforever December 15, 2016

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A dateable guy who know a lot about a girl ..he’s also caring and sweet, also he is an extra person with a lot of creativity and he’s passionate on what he does ... you should date him ,and love him..don’t get rid of him even if he’s your friend..remember Angel in your life
I love Angel ____(his last name)
by AjChavez004 February 16, 2018

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A really fine boy. He is usually mixed with black/white or black/Hispanic etc. He shows off a lot to get his crushes attention. He is very tall and muscular
Oooh, there goes angel @........
by Pinktoes432 November 27, 2017

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Angel tha gangsta
Angel the badass kid that dont gaf bout a girl or anything else in the world
via giphy
by G -Block October 21, 2017

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Beautiful majestic angel!
Hazlyn is very cute
by Keegandhi May 21, 2018

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