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The thick, frothy, brown batter of creamy goodness found when your dick reaches so deep during anal penetration it tantalizes the sigmoid flexure.
"Bro I heard she let you do her dirty last night!"
"Yeah man it was incredible! I packed so hard that I was hitting the deep fudge."
"No way!"
"She even licked it off after. So sexy."
by SteezMonkey November 19, 2016

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When you run out of lube and use olive oil instead.
Did a bit of popeying last night

The Mrs offered me her brown wings last night but we had no lube

Popped to the kitchen and grabbed the olive oil and popeyed her good and proper
by PandaMitch March 27, 2017

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He really gave me a fuckwedgie last night
by FelicisDraconis81 August 19, 2017

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The day to try something new!
"Let's try anal, It's national anal day!"
by Graisse Blanc April 13, 2017

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the action of shitting on to someones balls then licking it off
My Grandma last night was Dugfugging me.
by DatBoi234 January 23, 2018

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Having anal sex with your girl before she cleans it out
Im going muddin later to night
by Sqlkiller September 30, 2016

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The act in which my huuuuuuuge dick slides in yo mommas pussy, maybee even her asshole (depends on my mood)
I enjoyed that penitration i gave yo momma
by Anal_Rejection January 23, 2018

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