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When a thot flagellates on your genitalia
Damn, she farted on my dick
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by CheckMyBackPack May 07, 2017

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when you rub your girl's ass so hard a jelly-like substance oozes out and you use it as lubricant for anal
See her? I gave that girl a jelly pie last night.
by TheDankestPepe September 02, 2016

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The term for doing it from behind
Hey gir want to 66?
Nah! I'm a virgin

But its butt stuff and you can't loose your virginity from butt stuff!!
Ok meet you at 6:66pm
by Real Garlic November 11, 2016

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He really gave me a fuckwedgie last night
by FelicisDraconis81 August 19, 2017

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Simple is anal fuck
Girl1 “I can’t walk Cristian gave me that A.F
Girl2 “your so lucky”
by El gay fag March 07, 2018

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the action of shitting on to someones balls then licking it off
My Grandma last night was Dugfugging me.
by DatBoi234 January 23, 2018

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When you perform anal and end up with shit on the tip of your cock.
I fucked my girlfriend in the ass and wiped my shitty dick tip all over her face.
by Cornelius's bitch tits February 16, 2017

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