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Leya is a an amazing person that loves to have fun she doesn't care what other people think she is easy to get along with and she always make friends and family laugh.
"Leya is a fun fun girl"
by Ley Ley January 04, 2018

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The most amazing person you will ever meet. She makes friends easily and is very strong. She loves her music and family. She is one of the sexiest people you will ever meet. Her hair is beautiful and her eyes are match her soul. When you hurt her she will never forget it. She woops ass and loves her friends. She is intelligent, amazing, and hard to let go.
Hey Makina how's your day. Makina/leave me alone.
by Sleeps all day June 16, 2017

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a beautiful young lady who is really loving and beautiful. she is amazing and better than anyone out there. she will love and care for you. she is not petty and very loving
eshaal is very beautiful
by btwo November 27, 2018

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Chloe is an amazing person with a large heart. She doesn't take no for an answer and she will do anything fun
Chloe's so killer
by Zachary huzlet May 19, 2017

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Martin Mejia is the name and last name of the perfect guy you could ever imagine. He’s always there for you whether it’s 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. He will always be there when you sad to make you happy. He will always do everything to make your life easier cause he hates seeing you stressed and worried. He will be that guy to get you soup when your feeling sick. He will show you lots of of love because your the only girl he ever thinks about. He will always be loyal to you cause he never wants to break your heart, cause it would break his too. He will make sure no one will hurt you and if someone does he’ll make sure your okay. Most importantly, he will never stop loving you, even after he’s dead cause in his mind you guys will be soulmates for an eternity.
Martin Mejia is a great guy
by One.luckyy.girlfriendd February 03, 2019

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An amazing person who will destroy you if you get in her way. She wants nothing to do with people who are Stupid.
Landon:Hey dude wanna play MSP with TigerFlame?
Other dude: No! I am so scared of her! She’s amazing!
by not alissa December 30, 2018

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Amallia is a beautiful girl. She is kinda shy at first but usually after a day, she’s really open. She’s great in bed and can have long lasting relationships with the right person. She’s the best at cuddling and hates being ignored. And lastly, the thing she cares most about is her family and would kill whoever hurts any of her family members.
I wish I was as amazing as amallia
I wish amallia could teach me how to be good in bed
by Ahmalleeuh January 29, 2018

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