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1. North Korea's premier torture technique typically involving odd chants. These chants often involve the phrase "X plus or minus", "Y over two", "4AC", or "Variable"
2. A subject in school designed to hold back students. Synonym of "to torture".
3. Ritual sacrifice of a student's GPA.
4. Satanic magic.
1. The North Korean prisoner refused to admit to disrespecting Kim Jong Un, so the guards forced him to undergo algebra courses until he confessed.
2. Johnny told Mark he had to go to summer school for algebra, making Mark feel sorry for him.
3. Lisa knew that eventually, she'd have to sacrifice her GPA by undergoing algebra.
4. To his dismay, Ross found a group of hooded figures preforming algebra in the school basement.
by McDaddy's Big Patties November 04, 2017

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