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The state in which one wakes after a heavy night involving alcoholic beverages (getting otfp). The state is known to make people say things they never usually say, such as: "Can someone just fucking kill me", "I'm never drinking again". It's a feeling that no person ever wants to experience, as it reminds them that they are aging and their body can no longer perform with ease the next day, after participating in a bender or a big night out.
"I just woke up and fuckk I'm Dusty". "I have never been this Dusty in my life."
by PencilChase July 05, 2018

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A drunken typo of the expression "I'm schmacked", which is referring to being very fucked up on alcohol or xanax. When at a party, one will shout "Vim schmacked", or "I'm vim schmacked", to let the others know how fucked up he/she is. "Vim" is often used as a stand alone term for drinking and becoming intoxicated, and can be alternated into terms such as "Vimmy", or "Vimmer".
Shaan: Wanna come to the party on my boat tonight? I'm gonna be vim schmacked.

Rammer: No thanks man, my brother is having a banger in his garage, my levels of vim will be through the roof.
Shaan: Real shit?
by CONFBOYS August 15, 2017

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The act of being so drunk and that's the only three words you can say.
by Brad3443 September 12, 2017

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The magic mixed drink of Pibb Xtra and Crown Royal.
Aye dawg you tryna hit this Pibb Royal?

Hells yeah!
by realalibenjamin February 04, 2019

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The "healthy glow" humans get after spending the night with Captain Morgan.
A:"Why is my face so shiny?"
B: "Rum sweats"
by Prosecc-ho June 03, 2018

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A rum runner is a type of flask used to sneak alcohol into a social place that prohibits bringing any. For example many people flasks like this to sneak alcohol onto cruise ships but can be used anywhere.
Craig: Dude I lost forgot my wallet I can't buy any drink.
Josh: don't worry I got my rum runner
by Kazotsky March 14, 2018

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A cocktail that is the drink of New Orleans, it's usually served without ice.
Person 1: Yo Bartender, can I get a sazerac?

Bartender: Coming right up
by FlexTape January 08, 2018

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