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A very caring hearted girl that loves to turn up bitch everyone lovesss keisaaaaaaa
Where keisa at we need to get turnt
by nekokitten October 15, 2016

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Rifat is a nice caring boy who is always there for you when needed. He is really handsome and alll the girls are after him because he's just so cute and adorable! He's loyal and fun to have him around. He looks innocent but really ain't. Can get really dirty and good in bed. Has anger issues so don't piss him off
Girl: look there's rifat

Everyone: omgggg!!!!
by Peng&cute🤓 August 30, 2017

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Hirializ is a beautiful and spirited young lady that every one always tends to get along with, she is medium height and has beautiful brown eyes. Every girl wishes they were her
" Wow she is so hirializ today "
by Ow3nrocks March 13, 2017

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Katie is the most adorable girl ever
by BrakLord January 28, 2017

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The MOST adorable woman in the entire world and possibly even the universe and beyond...
Tyla Jean is just SOOOOOO friggin adorable !
by VT87 July 04, 2018

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A guy who is cute, adorable, loud, smart, and playful. He could be mean but warm on the inside.
Omg, Do you like Jas?
by PandTHePoopguy May 11, 2018

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Someone who is adorable and loving.
Come here you little fartnard
by Thenibblet September 11, 2016

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