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We’ll bite your cock even if you don’t bite ours. It is also the slogan of a group of cannibalistic male prostitutes. Also someone you should stay away from.
Guy 2: “I heard that in some commercial, ‘We’ll buy your car even if you don’t buy ours’ right?”
Guy 1: “No, ‘We’ll bite your cock even if you don’t bite ours.”
Guy 2: “Umm, okay...”
Guy 2: “So you’re like some sort of cannibalistic male prostitute?”
Guy 1: “...”
Guy 1: “Yes.”
Guy 2: “Bye!”
by Doubletrouble89 February 04, 2018

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Acronym for who the fuck gives a fuck.
"Paul, look! I got accepted to Harvard!"
by Th3DarkDuck November 01, 2018

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Acronym for "Makes Sense to Me" used in text-based communication.
"It was hot in my car, so I rolled down the window"
by evilBird June 16, 2018

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Just throwing that out there
“I have a party this weekend jttot”
via giphy
by Pasta is my champ May 05, 2018

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Are you fucking serious right now
Person 1: I just deepthroated a fudgesicle and accidentally swallowed it
Person 2: Ayfsrn?
by t-dizzel January 04, 2017

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An acronym, "wdid" meaning "what do I do".
Dammit Jeremy i have no friends wdid
by olivhayho September 08, 2018

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All Over Again
Since season 5, GoT has just become The Hobbit AOA
by ceandros April 19, 2018

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