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We’ll bite your cock even if you don’t bite ours. It is also the slogan of a group of cannibalistic male prostitutes. Also someone you should stay away from.
Guy 2: “I heard that in some commercial, ‘We’ll buy your car even if you don’t buy ours’ right?”
Guy 1: “No, ‘We’ll bite your cock even if you don’t bite ours.”
Guy 2: “Umm, okay...”
Guy 2: “So you’re like some sort of cannibalistic male prostitute?”
Guy 1: “...”
Guy 1: “Yes.”
Guy 2: “Bye!”
by Doubletrouble89 February 04, 2018

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"That's all I got"
TAIG - acronym for "That's all I got"
by Adam in CO September 18, 2018

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Are you fucking serious right now
Person 1: I just deepthroated a fudgesicle and accidentally swallowed it
Person 2: Ayfsrn?
by t-dizzel January 04, 2017

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Go Fuck ThemSelves.

Third-person plural of GFY
The list of countries which can GFTS is growing at a pretty fast pace.
by thorr18 June 05, 2018

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All Over Again
Since season 5, GoT has just become The Hobbit AOA
by ceandros April 19, 2018

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Acronym: Whats In It For Me
Spoken as a word: WHIFFFIM

1. When your the hardest worker in the office / team, yet others get promoted, even though the boss keeps assigning you tasks. Just shout out: WHIFFIM

2. When your at home and your wife asks you to do any sort of cleaning duties. Just shout out: WHIFFIM (hopefully you get more giggy giggy).

3. When that mate of yours (the one that continually asks you for favours) Just shout out: WHIFFIM
by Micky d February 02, 2019

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An acronym for "Let see how this goes"
Example 1:
John: Looks like Travis is getting into parkour
Jane: That doesn't sound good, LSHTG.
Example 2:
Jane: Think your going to take me out o second date?
John: ...LSHTG.
by MYcolOHG October 10, 2018

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