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When a person unscruplessly mistreated their partner or significant other.
There's no way I'm gonna set Kimberly up with my brother; not after the way she dogged out John John and left him in tears.

The reason why my family can't stand that bitch ass nigga Bo is because he dogged out my sister and left her $20,000 in loan debts.
by Mackendeez January 12, 2018

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Incelsior is a superhero, one that is incapable of feeling the touch of a woman.
It is up to him to save this world from all of those disgusting females.
It is I, Incelsior, protector of virgins, abuser of women!
by Anal Hurts May 27, 2018

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A person who abuse, humiliate and sexual harass people who can’t defend themselves are called raveshalised minds/persons/group.
The sexual assault happened against you should be done by a person who follows the natures of raveshalism.
by Macbeth November 27, 2017

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