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Abbreviation for "you as a friend of mine".

Created for and by lazy idiots who think everything should have an abbreviation.
Yaafom should know better and not use every abbreviation you find on the internet.
by zivi2008 January 23, 2018

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Very short; Still didn't read.

Used similarly to TL;DR, but for short texts.

Could also be used, when a TL;DR is providing an abstract of a long text and one is afraid people won't read even the TL;DR cause of it's length. In that case additional VS;SDR can sum up the TL;DR in a super succint manner.
(online chat)
A: Dude, lemme tell you about how I met this girl! So we went .. (text is 5 lines long).

by mimkorn October 01, 2018

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"Talk To You Later"
Lucy:i got to go
You: "TTYL"
by jonathoncandy February 02, 2017

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An abbreviated term for “Cant wait”
I cw to hang out with you tonight!!
by 12342434 November 20, 2017

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