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What I really need now.
dude: give me a sweet release of death

dude: ya.
by Help??????? I'm stuck. August 01, 2017

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Nayden is a girl or boy who is so beautiful and loving life she is so kind and helpful she is always here for you in every thick and thin. Nayden is the best person you could ever wish for and if you know or a friend of someone who is called nayden then i can say you are the luckiest human being in this planet :)
Nayden is so amazing i wish i was her she always help others
by Name meanings :)) February 21, 2017

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Elena is a very beatiful girl who is so fantastic silly/crazy isn't afraid to say what she wants. She may miss her one chance but she will find plenty more. Boys aren't everything Elena you'll regret not doing something for a boy. Give sometime to yourself. Don't spend your life being jealous of your guy best friend dating someone else, live life to the fullest like you always do and don't let people bring you down, be the girl every one knows and loves. Don't bring people down help them up!!
Brayden: I missed the one chance to win for us!!!!

Elena: chill Brayden now I'm not just saying this cause your my best friend but I think your amazing. You can make that shot in your sleep!!! Don't doubt yourself look on the bright side,nobody perfect and your not perfect and when we make a mistake we learn from it. He best thing about messing up is know you know what you could have done better. Yes it's true you could have done better but so what now you can practice and make it next time!!! The best thing about hitting rock botte, is there is only one way to go... Up.

Brayden: wow thanks Elena I really needed that!

Elena: your welcome it was nothing :)
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by Little miss December 10, 2016

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Poop is something that comes out of your butt and is really gross
I went to the bathroom to go POOP
by Bella11805 March 02, 2017

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ashley is the most beautiful girl you will ever see she has a great personality she is very very funny everyone loves her and wants to be friends with her she is tall has dark brown hair or maybe blonde her eyes are SOO beautiful that you can"t stop staring at them every boy wants her but she is just looking for the right guy if you Every feel sad Ashley will cheer you up in less than 1 second her smile casts a spell on you if you Have a Ashley in your life don't let her go because you will regret it ._.
boy : mann ashleys smile and eyes are soo beautiful that they make me fall for her instantly.

boy 2 : same

boy: no keepyour eyes off her she"s mine
by flash_w.t August 06, 2018

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Erik is the hottest boy ever. I just love Erik so much. Angel loves Erik’s asshole. Angel wants to lick him up like a cake. Erik is the best guy ever for Angel. He is Angel's daddy.
Erik Pierre is the daddy. #ERIK #Pierre #Erik #daddy
by MOMMYYY June 07, 2018

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A keesar is a woman that dislikes a vishan they hate him tell him off for no fucking reason. Insult and think of evil crimes to commit on a vishan
Keesar hates a vishan
by Vishan May 19, 2018

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