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Shanaya is the beat person you will ever meet. She is super pretty and is extremely funny! :) She has loads of friends and she likes to be called the 'Queen' so I think she should be treated like one. ♥️
Shanaya is so pretty, isn't she?
by Icecreamsmoothie February 01, 2018

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Yenni- a bbff - best beautiful friend forever💕She will never let u down. Has energy, daring, nice, happy, never sad, and she'll love you forever.💓
Yenni is a beautiful person inside and out.
by Youknowitzjocelyne July 07, 2017

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She is the best person you'll ever meet! She is a daredevil, she'll do any dare, and she can always keep any secret you tell her! And she loves to smile. 🌝 she likes to swear but you'll get a good laugh from it. She can be very ticklish all the time! Make sure to tickle her! And if you tell her to be your BFF she will say yes unless you're a bully. And she is stubborn but fun!
Boy: did you see Caroline!!! She's super nice!!!
by WowGirlIsMe October 19, 2018

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Juleona's are the perfect best friends and even girlfriend's. They are always there and will stick up for you. If you want to good bestie find a Juleona!
Meet my bestie juleona

Girl- i wish my bff was like her
by Juleona June 16, 2018

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Jenna is a real friend that always is there for you if you give her the chance. She likes hugs and is always in the trend. Jenna loves her family and her friends so much she is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. jenna has her ups and downs but however, she is feeling she will be willing to help anyone in need. by the way, if Jenna wants to dance don't stop her. just try to copy her shuffle it will always make her laugh.
girl# 1: did u see that girl

Girl#2: yeah its Jenna isn't she cute
by cutesleepy puppy June 13, 2018

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Aelan- means Hawaiian flower 🌺

She a super sweet person and she's nice, sweet, a person you could talk to, and she'll except you as you💕
Aelan means Hawaiian flower
by Youknowitzjocelyne July 07, 2017

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2 girls or boys who are like sisters or brothers to each other and will be friends even if they move across the world and will do anything for each other
my bff is always there for me
via giphy
by Lilly salt June 20, 2018

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