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Wants to be popular, perfect, smart.
Lalanie trys to make people laugh
by Pandagirl15 March 23, 2017

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Addison is a beautiful and wonderful person. She is the kind of girl who is a kind, loving, and caring person who will never back stab you. She is the kind of person you could go to even if it’s to bail you out of prison. She is so beautiful inside and out and beats herself up thinking she isn’t. If you ever have the chance to meet and Addison thanks care of her or you will regret it for the rest of your life. She will always be willing to watch greys anatomy and will listen to all you you drama. She seems shy at first and let’s people step over her so always stay beside and and those mean people to the ground. She is a loving girl and if you never get to meet one I’m so sorry for you. I love you peaches your my best friend forever
Is that Addison she’s so pretty
by m2 January 04, 2019

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Grace is a nice person but can be a bitch sometimes.Grace has really pretty eyes and can get any man if she wanted to but is really stubborn.She is good at any sport if she puts her mind to it and can cheer people up. If you ever find a grace never leave her and make sure you are always by her side.
Bro did you see grace last night she looked cute

Look at graces eyes they look like a ocean
by Megowaffle124 June 10, 2017

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A close friend who occasionally makes you cum.
Q - What's going on with you and your bestie ?

A - We'll always be chums
by Long&Hard October 30, 2016

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Molly is the most amazing person you will ever meet. Funny, Kind,Nice and great at EVERYTHING she lights up the room with happiness! And it never stops. She will be the most amazing person you will ever meet. And there will be a smile on your face for the rest of your life! ONLY if you meet a Molly like mine you are my best friend Molly and I will never forget you . She is just so PERFECT and amazing and her jokes are the best.❤️LUV YA BEST FRIEND!
Who is that girl?
No duh it's MOLLY
via giphy
by Hoppy Melville March 16, 2017

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Kivolyn is a chicc no one can have. Cause her man “ DERRICK” is fcken overprotective, what’s his is his. So if anyone of y’all claim her. He gon get mad. Not just that but she’s not innocent. She’s really nasty , tasty , funny & many other stuff. Not but not least she’s beautiful
Kivolyn is the best thing in the world
by Ruuthh February 04, 2018

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A Juleona is a best friend you can find she will always be there for you and you will never have to worry that she'll never be there if you need a new best friend Meet Juleona right now.
Girl 1-Wow that's your bff
Girl 2-Yup it's a juleona
by Juleona June 16, 2018

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