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Fucking Hell
Fel, man, get out!
by CreeperMaster88 January 15, 2017

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Lacerda is a person who falls in love very fast. Sometimes can be rude and jealous but love is always a priority
She is so lacerda!
by Jesyyyyyjwn June 10, 2018

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I tall skinny man who likes to watch Porn and jerk-off. And likes to measure Penises.
That Kid Cole is = you r aaahhhhsss
by MGolz January 23, 2018

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A total asshole who is so full of himself and "only likes hot girls" he aims to high and no one likes him. He is quite intelligent and athletic, but too much of an asshole to like
"Ugh he's so full of himself that no one will ever even have a chance with him if they wanted to, what a sean"
by Anyonymous6969 March 01, 2017

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A girl who always makes sure everyone is okay before her. Sometimes mean but only if she finds trouble in a situation or if you’re disrespectful to her first.has an amazing ass. Smart and can keep good grades most of the time. Usually had deep brown eyes and no matter her skin color she’s always beautiful. If she feels comfortable with a person she’ll do annnything with and for them. Even on her bad days she’s a gorgeous girl inside and out.
You know the pretty girl?

Yeah, she’s such an Erissa
by daddy_rose November 21, 2018

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To rotate in circles while tobacco is poured in your butt.
At the party, I saw Bryan butt funneling with my grandmother! Woah she can spin fast!
by A June 01, 2018

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