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a two person or group event
parachute (crush up pill in fine powder then wrap in small amount of toilet paper taken like a pill) 1-2 pressed pill(s) of ecstasy OR 1-2 capsule(s) of Molly (pure MDMA)
2 mg calaudipin dropped in a shot of goldschlagger
smoke a bowl of Nugs (Marijuana)

2 bars xanax (4 mg) dropped in a shot of goldschlagger
smoke a bowl o Hash
2 hydrocone (10/500) dropped in a shot of goldschlagger
for girls 1 line of cocaine off a 6 inch penis or larger that matches the size of the penis, no being a pussy girls!!!
for boys one fat line off a titty or ass.
proceed to mix a small amount of cocaine in a little bit of personal lubricant rub onto penis, and fuck like stoned animals

can continue to drink and blow lines pop x eat pills at your own discretion...

this has been done but do not attempt unless you know your limits.

and a tip from the wise make sure the people in on it are clean or use condoms.
lets get down on some zombie dancin tonight
by KANSAShippezombie April 30, 2011
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