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A boy who lives life like a true slave and drinks 99% of the worlds vodka per day. usually has friends called konrad and noah. likes a girl called ella.
yo fam you be living like a zivaishe
by oasis210 May 14, 2018
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A boy who is very beautiful and cute. He is interested in extreme sports and has a magnificent singing voice. He is a great friend always loving and loyal anyone with a friend like this would be very lucky. There not much room for love in his life apart from the two one will reject the other accept.

Ziviashe means to drink 99% of the worlds alcohol ( mainly vodka) per day. A zivaishe is a true slave.
Bro your such a zivaishe
Your so cute zivaishe
by oasis210 June 05, 2018
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Zivaishe is a cute and hot. This person is

loyal friend who will have your back even if it means death. He has many hidden talents and when your feeling down he will always put a smile on your face. You shouldn't lose a friend like this because you'll be losing something great. He will loose his virginity at 18 onwards and he is a king in bed. Well know fact they are known to have big dicks and drink 99% of the worlds alcohol per day.
Zivaishe is so hot I would really like to go out with him.
by oasis210 June 08, 2018
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