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A really funny girl who loves to be unique. Her uniqueness is the main thing she loves about herself. She often has many siblings and she loves all her friends. She’s really easy to make friends with because she’ll try with anybody. She’s always really funny and fun to hang with. Whenever she screws up or drops something or anything, you’ll start laughing then she’ll smile, say “that’s not funny” then laugh along with you. If you’re ever just having a bad day she’ll ask you what’s wrong and she’ll just say something funny and you’re automatically happy again. She’s the kinda girl who would just roast someone during class no matter what the conditions, then everyone else laughs and she just smiles and smirks. Amazing friend, super lucky if you find one
Person 1: omg she’s so funny!!
Person 2: who Zionay?
Person 1: yeah I know
Person 2: she roasted that guy so hard today in class, I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants!!
Person 1: **falls down laughing**
by sarayay4468 May 20, 2018
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