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She is a girl who is very nice and caring she doset care are what other people think about her. she loves the people around her , she will make it her Priority to make you smile and laugh. She is very confident on what she dose she will fight for no matter what you can always count on this girl. Every boy turns heads when they, see her she is so beautiful no wonder they turn heads. She is always on tend with her style and never Doubts yourself about her friends and family. If you have zahairy as your friend you are lucky cause she will stick to you til the end .
Zahairy might be sassy some times and express her loveless will a little of drama but she will never leave your side.

Zahairy is the coolest person you have ever met cause she is very special and somethings picky.
If you have Zahairy as a friend or daughter you are really lucky to have her I would to.
by Bri traylor October 28, 2017
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She is a very funny nice she might have a Attitude but she loves her since in style she is always on tend. She loves her friends and family they are her number one person In her life no matter what. She will do anything to make you smile sometimes she can be a little mad but that’s the way she is. All the boys turn heads when they see her like who Doesn’t want to be with her. She is very competitive in games she is trustworthy and lovable she dose like to see anybody mad or sad. Zahairy love to be around people cause she just feels comfortable around them. She loves her best friends just like they love her to.
You are lucky to have Zahairy as your friend or daughter you will always love her no matter what .
She is very pick in what she likes she is a little dramatic when it comes to stuff but her friends love that about her.
I would love Zahairy as a best friend or sister beacise she is special and confident all the time.
by Bri traylor October 28, 2017
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