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An alcoholic drink made to be shared by many people, usually around a camp fire.


1 Half Gallon of Vodka
1 Can Pink Lemonade (frozen)
3 cups sugar
3 limes, quartered
2 cups ice

Poor all ingredients into large jar (oversized pickle jar for example). Wrap in towel, and tie with rope (or bungee cords) so towel is tight around jar. Shake jar for 20 - 30 minutes, shaken as you would a martini (usually done by passing from person to person, each person shaking for a couple of minutes). Open jar, pass around so everyone drinks.

Purpose: to get fucked up quick, doesn't taste like booze.
Dude, you bring the limes for the yukka jug?

Yah, but did you bring the stoli??
by ollysk2 August 17, 2006
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