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1)A rapper that claims to be hip hops knight but did a song about silly bandz
2)A adolencent child who is slowly killing hip hop
3) Looks like riley from the boondox
Thugnificent " Yo that young siege nigga look just like you"

Riley "Shut up nigga at least he still doin hip hop"

Thugnificent "Silly Bandz aint hip hop"
by Saggin Backwards November 18, 2010
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Young Siege (Cameron Sanders) was born on August 5th 1995 in Auburn NY. This young man has been performing since the tender age of eight. He picked up the microphone at the Sheldon Institute at SUNY Oswego summer camp when he was five and has been amazing audiences with his talents ever since. His songs and style are inspired by rappers like Tupac Shakur, B.I.G, and Drake to name a few. Young Siege’s message is one of a very positive nature. Young siege, an honor roll student, is committed to use his voice and honest words to bring awareness to the issues of most of today’s youth.
by CANADAHIPHOP December 03, 2010
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