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People are Young and Free if they are a suburban teen or young adult who can be frequently spotted at EDM or local band shows in crop tops and high waisted shorts.

Other indicators include native american inspired printed garments from urban outfitters, An Instagram with pictures of the subject running in slow motion with sparklers, indie electronic bands with a & in their name or any form of Mr, Ms, Mister, top knots with the sides shaved and long hair with one side buzzed.

Common hashtags: #wildandfree #vscocam #BeHereBeNow #LiveInTheMoment #blessed #yogainpublic

“It's hard to dance with the Devil on your back, So shake him off.”
"Those kids look pretty young and free"
"want to go to that concert?" "Nah, I'm not feeling young and free tonight"
by DrSloppy May 18, 2016
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