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A way of telling someone they are wrong, or declaring a conversation over.

Inspiration taken from "you dont have a leg to stand on"

Emphasis is to be put on the word head, and lesser emphasis is to be put on the words stand.

Proper execution: "You dont have a HEAD, to STAND on."
Person 1: So, I saw your brother out walking your dog earlier.
Person 2: we dont have a dog.
Person 1: I definitely saw your brother with a dog.
Person 2: Dude, we dont have a dog.
Person 1: Maybe he was walking someone else's dog.
Person 2: You're wrong.
Person 1: You dont have a HEAD to stand on!
Person 2: ...alright fine, maybe we got a dog this morning.
by Dongles "The Shovel" Hungry January 07, 2011
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