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while smashing a woman vigorously with your wombworm from behind, and begin to tingle like a paedo in madeline mccann, exclaim "baby im coming", "ooo yeah i wana cum on you baby", or even "wwwaaaaeeehhh on your arse love!". At this point, squirt, tip or pour depending on your general love-tap spray a portion of yoghurt on the small of her back, her arse or other point on the back of her body. She will then turn around, and at that point the suprise comes into effect, jam your chappie into her face and chafe away at the fella and spaff glorious amounts of man silk into her aghast face....shout "suprise!"
dude, the other night i was down doggy with mel when i decided to give her a yoghurt suprise...should have seen her face!
by donkeywillymassive September 18, 2008
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