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"Yes thats fine" is usually used after a statement has been made by another person that is demeaning, demanding, pointless or even needlessly correct. "Yes thats fine" derived from Tom Goes To Mayor, although slightly bastardized (as the Mayor said only "Yes, fine.") but still serves the same purpose: to shut down the person speaking.

For instance: if someone is discussing something with you they take very seriously, and you respond with "yes, thats fine" it often will show the speaker that you don't really give a shit. Other times it confuses them and gives you several seconds of recourse before they resume.
Sam: "Hey, you ate my cake, you whore!"
Lissa: "yes thats fine"
Sam: "..."
Lissa: "go lay down"
Jesse: "Holy fuck the cops are after me!"
Von: "What the hell did you do man, they ain't commin here are they?"
Jesse: "I sold some bad meth and the people reported it, dumb fucks! Ill probably go to jail now!"
Von: "Yes, thats fine"
by DJFaceman July 30, 2009
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