A person of the trades (auto mechanic, carpenter, plumber) who knows virtually everything about his particular line of work, but little to nothing about anything else. This can include life itself. While not considered a derogatory term by any means, it *implies* said person would do well my expanding their horizons.
Darn this carburetor! I can't figure it out. I gotta call yellow hammer over and have him take a look at it.
by Harvey B. February 09, 2009
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The act of passionate copulation with a woman (typically a sex worker) from the Far East
Will, "you got tickets to see England versus Japan in the rugby?" Rob, "well the wife thinks so, but actually I'm off to Madam Suki's for an hour for a proper Yellowhammer!"
by Grandsire November 16, 2018
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When blacks and whites have kids you get yellowhammers.
Yo man Shaniqua banged Peter Brady. They will have some yellowhammers
by super4 June 18, 2005
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"so im rappin to this yellow hammer, right? to see if she'll fuck..."
by sir black-a-lot September 19, 2003
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