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The king squid YouTuber that crashed his ducati into a rock. Begged for "medical" funds on go fund me to cover the medical bills for the accident. Few months later bought the same ducati with those funds and then crashed it into a prosche while riding on a suspended license with state minimum insurance and flew 30 feet in the air. Then proceeded to again ask for funds to help cover medical bills to repeat the process.
Dan: did you just see that shit fly up 30 ft in the sky ?

James: yea what the fuck was that ?

Dan: probably yammie noob, it's snafu for the king of squids.
by Wouldjablowmie June 09, 2017
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a complete legend who is a double Daytona slayer and is going for round 3
''have you seen that guy yammie noob on youtube recently?''
"Yeah, didn't he just drop some fire merch."
by yeetmaster5720 May 13, 2019
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This is when an actor throws themselves head-on into a Porsche.
"That porsche just got yammienoobed."

"Bill yammienoobed that porsche."
by Snarkyi June 01, 2018
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