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A person who meets potential relationship partner's in MMORPG's especially WoW
Brian: Dude, Kara left me for some guy on WoW
Alex: What a WoW whore!
by Swiftndeadly December 10, 2007
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A female World Of Warcraft player, who is typically fat, ugly and can't get a man in the real world, who goes from male player to male player calling them her boyfriends.
Siariz found a new player to attach herself to, since the last one dumped her. She'll make her way through all of the Cemetary Gates members! She's such a WoW whore!
by SmilingBig October 16, 2008
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Female WoW player, (typically Fat, Ugly and can't get a man in real life)who jumps from one male player to another, calling him her boyfriend.
Cemetary Gates member, Siariz, is a typical WoW whore.
by WoWzersexy October 14, 2008
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Someone who is so obsessed with World of Warcraft. Not just addicted, but extremely obsessed with the game. That someone begins to develop fanboyism towards World of Warcraft and thinks its better than other MMORPGs that he, most likely has never played. He begins to tell everyone on message boards, chat rooms, and in real life to get World of Warcraft. Blizzard doesn't mind because a WoW whore convinces more people to buy the game, thus earning more money for the company. This term is used to describe the fanboyism of the person, not the social effects of the game.
*on a sample message board*
Person 2:Hmm... I'll have to see this game.
Person 3:Oh no, not again. Person 2, this guy is a WoW whore. Don't listen to him.
Person 3: Have you even PLAYED Final Fantasy?
Person 1:You don't even have to compare it, it owns Final Fantasy.
Person 1 and Person 2: OMG WoW OWNS!!!
Person 3:...

*at an average public school*
Kid 1:Halo 3 will bring back the Assault Rifle.
Kid 2:That's awesome!
Kid 1:Halo 3 will have a new weapon called the bub...
Kid 3:So are you guys getting World of Warcraft?
Kid 1:Get out of here, Kid 3! You're a fucking WoW whore!
by /anon March 03, 2007
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