1.the populas of the planet called earth
2.the "world of mankind
4.a discription of persons or people that are totally taped into the Matrix;Power,Control,dommination,butt kissing,and brown nosing in general.
5.an attitude of mankind in general,"more and most is best"...Not
" He who has the most toys wins" this is a common 'Worldly',Phrase among the 'World' of Mankind Her/his whole world revolves around her/his work,or him or His ego,etc.
Political'World'leader s another name for Power.Again leaving you with no-voice. in side Jehovah's Witness oragnization you are renderd powerless They are the "WORLD" and the God of your life.There is no World But theirs...Same as the Catholic Church and Mormons..The Worlds Biggest Cults /Occults.
by Beign there done that June 6, 2005