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working poverty: a phrase of which every half or decent human being should feel a flash of shame when uttering out loud mostly because it's unnecessary and almost everybody knows this.
Also it tells us that, while people are working they are still "poor" (there are many definitions or feelings concerning the word poor but in this context it can be read as "f***ed" or "scr##ed" or even opportunity, you define it, get creative) some people have very funny ideas on what winning means, i'm sure they read the expression "throphy kids" as if it's a bad thing. (see egg thief for further and broader definition)
"can i lend some money? i thought you we're working? i do and i am, i'm working poverty."

"50-60 hours a week, that should do it, right? Not! Working poverty."

"working poverty, opportunity, bring the coupons."

"surplus-coupons-working poverty-long expiration date-opportunity-stack for winter bro!"

by good attention July 01, 2013
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