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a brief episode of absent-mindedness, to space off for a moment, or to be oblivious to one's surroundings or out of touch with reality for a short period of time.
People who are very tired, easily distracted, prone to daydreaming, or afflicted with subtle seizure disorders may 'wink out' from time to time.

Term is used extensively in a first season episode of Star Trek, 'The Alternative Factor', that first aired in early 1967. The plot revolved around a humanoid encountered by the crew of the starship Enterprise who was at odds with his opposite in a parallel universe. When they met, a tremendous disturbance in the time/space continuum resulted that was described as that part of the galaxy 'winking out', or momentarily ceasing to exist. The special effect that accompanied this occurrence involved flashing yellow and red light over a background of stars, remarkably similar to what one may see when hit in the face or head or perhaps afterwards as a symptom of a concussion.
by theTiGor February 01, 2012
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