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the fat lazy dumb fuck that lives with his grandpa and sucks shit at Call of Duty, he is also known to be a shit cunt and throw massive rages over the game, he is also been know for saying dumb shit "Look here look LISTEN!!" and "appering offline does not work so stop giving advise you know fucking nothing about
wings of redemption is a fat faggot
by donkaroo June 09, 2018
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Simply the best creation of the world, he's the one who created porn and sex, he also invented trolling, which is now used universally, Wings likes to troll when in humor, however he is known to be an asshole when not thus making him a threat or a funny friend depending on his mood, he can easily hack and own everything cuz' he is epic and basically everyone hates/likes him. He kicked Bruce Norris' butt.
WingsOfRedemption is sexy.
WingsOfRedemption is god.
WingsOfRedemption is troll.
WingsOfRedemption is epic.
WingsOfRedemption is a troll.
All hail before him.
by TheRealWings December 20, 2011
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