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The act of two men vicorously hitting their genitalia together. They both enjoy this yet the act is not homosexual and can be performed by to hetrosexual men looking to have fun.
Ben and hasan were bored so they had a willy bash.
by drxpd3ad July 17, 2014
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An act of two or more males having an intense non homosexual act of 'bashing' male genitalia together. This act is enjoyed by the males but the male who lasts the longest shows dominance over the other males.
1. zaeem willy bashed ben and showed dominance.
2. after an intense willy bashing, luke found out just how good his father was willy bashing.
3. arjun willy bashed the orange midget, scott. scott found out just how powerful arjun is and respected him as an alpha male.
by PleaseTickleMyPickle October 02, 2014
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