South side Chicago area straight hood straight ghetto. It is infested with drugs, guns, hoes, GDs, BDs, Stones and all kinds of niggas. It is generally considered WILD 100's when you hit 100th St east of the Dan Ryan E-way. Anywhere in the 100 streets east of the E-way.
Is 107th and Hoxie in the Wild 100s???
by D FolKKz April 25, 2008
The title of the 100th through 130th area of Chicago's South Side, definitively those in the 60628 Zip Code. The Wild 100's also known as the Wild Wild, is home to most of Chicago's gangs including the Black Peace Stone Nation, Four Corner Hustler Nation, Vice Lord Nation, Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Mickey Cobras, and Latin Kings.
"I wasn't out west, I was in the Wild 100's when you called me."
by Just P... August 4, 2008