A nickname for Whitby, a boring town located in Ontario, Canada, in the GTA. It's a town full of white people, thus people call it WHITEby. If you know the history of Whitby, you know that the name “Whitby”, is a contraction of “Whitteby,” meaning “White Village” in Danish. However, there are a couple of blacks, asains, latinos, and other races, but it's mostly white people. Many people also call this town Shitby because it's shit. It's a town full of shitty preps and old white people. Most of the teens in Whitby complain all the time that they want to live in a real city or another town because literally nothing ever happens in Whiteby.
Whiteby is so white.
Nothing happens in Whiteby because it's full of old white people.
by rixxirox February 26, 2017
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