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A white person who is tricked with or without knowing that he or she doing the job as a face value of that company. These jobs are usually available in a country where there aren't a lot of "white" foreigners. Examples: a white person is asked work at a restaurant. The owner/manager would use that "white" foreigner as a face to their restaurant. This is where the restaurant might get more attention or people coming in to their restaurant. So, it is basically an advertisement.
Owner: Hey you want to work for our company?
White person: sure.
-behind- the - scenes
Shady business.
Owner: we got a white person in our company. He/she will make us a lot of money. "Muhaha"* <~~ no one really does that but go on<~~~
manager: muhaha
White monkey job is a white foreigner work at a restaurant/company. Etc . As a face value.
by Fantasticninja March 05, 2017
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