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when someone, usually a stripper, jerks off a cock
You go down to the end of bourbon street to get your whistle whipped for cheap.
by JGJG April 03, 2008
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When a referee is calling bad calls on a underdog team to keep the favorites in the lead. This happens in football when the refs will throw excessive flags and penalties (Oakland Raiders is an example) to keep the other team in the lead or in some cases help them comeback. This also occurs in basketball as well. Lets say the Lakers were losing to the Bucks, the refs will start whistle-whipping the Bucks to help the Lakers come back and win. This includes petty foul calls to get Kobe to the line and not limited to moving screens, carrying, traveling, calling a tech for disputing the refs call and so fourth. They will also whistle-whip a player to get them in foul trouble and out the game.
The refs whistle-whipped the Bulls to keep the Miami Heat in playoff contention.

The refs whistle-whipped the Raiders to get the Brady Bunch to the Super Bowl by calling the tuck rule.

The refs started whistle-whipping Kevin Durant to get Lebron James to the line and Kevin Durant in foul trouble.

The refs whilste-whipped Aaron Rodgers and the Packers by saying Golden Tate caught that ball without pass interference and scored a touchdown.
by paradox predator May 13, 2013
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