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the high school of the northern part of wheaton, kids from carol stream also go here, its basically how you would expect the high school of bible town wheaton to be.... its got a good academic system and the athletics kick ass some times and other times suck ass. The kids are mostly stuck up pricks (not nearly as bad as the pricks from wheaton south though) the girls have nothing to do but start drama and bitch about everything wrong in their life including the fact that they're just like the girls from wheaton warrenville south but just uglier. There's a few kids that are actualy pretty decent though. They spend they're weekends getting high and having fun. If they dont spend the week days doing the same thing... There's nothing to do except go to the kids house who's parents dont give a fuck and do as much drugs as you can before your parents eventually find out and ground you. Life can kinda suck in wheaton, but if you know what to do and your one of the kids that knows how to have fun, things can be pretty groovy man. The school is a cluster fuck of different kids thrown together. There's the stoners, the preps, the alcoholics (usualy freinds with the stoners), the speech team kids, the jocks, and everything you can imagine, but we all manage to get along, the kids can be pretty awesome if you stay away from the pricks, but then again, at least its not as stuck up and full of pricks as south
the kids from wheaton north high school can be pretty cool, they're just stuck in a bible banging town
by bu66a November 21, 2009
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